How to set an automatic reply on WhatsApp

What is WhatsApp auto reply?

WhatsApp autoresponder is a feature of WhatsApp business app for businesses to increase customer and seller interaction. It helps the business to interact with the high volume of messages and also when the business is closed or on holiday.

WhatsApp business allows users to save replies and send the reply automatically in response to a message from a customer. This feature is only available on WhatsApp business but we’ll tell how you can access the auto-reply feature in personal WhatsApp.

Benefits of Using WhatsApp Auto Reply

WhatsApp auto reply provides a lot of help to businesses and works as an assistant to the seller. Following are some benefits of WhatsApp.

Enhances customer service

Customers feel a bad experience if they don’t get proper and satisfactory responses to their queries. But with WhatsApp autoresponder, you can set up replies to many of the general queries of the customers that increase the customer service experiences. 

Saves time

WhatsApp auto reply solves many of the general queries of the customers so you or your team doesn’t need to reply specifically to the individual customer. That’s how you save a lot of time.

Keeps communication consistent

Whether you have you low volume of chats or a high volume of chats, the auto-reply sends clear and professional messages to customers consistently. So your customer support will not be affected even with high volume

Manages expectations

You can create auto-responses to let your customers know about your availability, opening and closing hours, discounts, offers, and much more.

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How to set up WhatsApp Auto Replies in WhatsApp Business application

As I told you earlier, the auto replies option is only available on the WhatsApp business application. So download it if you’re a business owner and want to interact with the customers.

Enable away messages 

To enable the away messages, you need to open the WhatsApp Business app. 

Then click the three dots and click on the settings. 

Next, you’ll see Business tools. Tap on it and you’ll find Away message in the messaging category.

Click it and activate the send-away message by switching the toggling button. 

Note: The process is similar for Android and iOS Devices

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How to Personalize away message 

Tap on the message option to edit the message. Write it according to your niche and need. Write it while keeping in mind the general queries of your customers.

Select the Schedule of the away message

You have three options to select the timing of the away message. You can select according to your needs. The three options are listed below: 

  • Always send
  • Custom schedule
  • Outside the business hours

Choose the recipients

WhatsApp business will ask you to select who receives your away message. Following is a list of options you’ll get. Choose the appropriate one according to your preference.

  • Everyone
  • Everyone not in address book
  • Everyone except…
  • Only send to…

Autoreply in Personal WhatsApp using alternative mod APK

As you know autoreply is not available in default WhatsApp and is only available in WhatsApp business. But there is still a way to get an autoreply feature in your WhatsApp. 

To get an auto-reply feature you’ll need a WhatsApp mod app which will you many extra features that are not available in official WhatsApp. However, these APKs work only on Android devices.

Examples of WhatsApp mod apk

Final Words

I hope after reading this article you’ll be able to learn about WhatsApp auto message and can now set up your own away message.

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