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Many iOS users like you want to upgrade their WhatsApp unique features. And we got you you’re looking at the exact app “AN WhatsApp”. Unlike the official WhatsApp, ANWhatsApp gives an extra layer of privacy features.

Until now, AN WhatsApp can’t be downloaded on iPhones but you can download WhatsApp for IOS from here. We recommend you keep on the notifications when the developer launches the app we’ll let you know. Some individuals jailbreak the iPhone to download unofficial apps. However, doing so is not recommended.

Download Latest AN WhatsApp APK Updated Version

WhatsApp Specifications

App Name
WhatsApp for iPhone

 Update date
Dec 13, 2023

App Requirement
Requires iOS 12.0 or later.

 File size
106.4 MB

Latest Version

 App Publisher
WhatsApp Inc.

App Category
Social Networking


Features of WhatsApp

The features of WhatsApp are explained below:

Voice Status

WhatsApp introduces a new feature of Voice Status in which you can put your voice as a status. This feature is right now available in the beta version only. You can also put privacy on your status to select who can see your status and who can’t. 

Chat Lock

A feature that is typically instituted for privacy. In this feature, you can lock anyone’s chat, and to open his/her chat or any group you have to put in a security PIN or password that you have put in according to your needs.

Edit message

A feature we all need, often during a chat we mistakenly make a typing mistake or send anything we don’t want to send. But now WhatsApp provides a solution for us. Now, you can edit the message you sent, you can completely change the text you have sent.

Private audience selector

In this feature, you can select who can see your status and your display picture. You can also select to hide that you have seen another person’s status. You can also select whether the other person you are chatting with can see your last seen or online feature.

Status reactions

In this feature, you can react to other people’s statuses. Give them a reply on their status on chats. This feature makes it easy for you to comment on someone’s status. Just like you can react to Instagram stories same as you can also do to WhatsApp status

Ability to chat with yourself

WhatsApp provides a feature in which you can send messages to yourself. It helps you save things. It works like a notepad. You can save text, documents, pictures, videos, and links.

How to download WhatsApp on iPhone

Step 1: Click on our website and press the download the WhatsApp button.

Step 2: Download the WhatsApp app from the link

Step 3: Install it on your iPhone device 

Step 4: Create an account on WhatsApp with your number and enjoy

Extra knowledge: learn how to download AN WhatsApp on Android.

Can I download AN WhatsApp on my iPhone?

Until now, we cannot add AN WhatsApp on iPhone. Some people jailbreak their iPhone devices and install the outsourced APKS. However, doing jailbreaking the iPhone, security and privacy become compromised. That’s why it is not recommended to jailbreak the iPhone. Unfortunately, iPhones users have to wait until official WhatsApp launches amazing features just like AN WhatsApp.

Final Words

AN WhatsApp is an amazing app for privacy-centric WhatsApp users. Unluckily this APK isn’t available for iPhones until now. That’s why you can go with simple WhatsApp. We’ll notify you when the developer has ready the app for iPhone. So we recommend you turn on the notifications on our site.

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